Choosing the most reliable Google SEO service provider can help you achieve better search engine rankings and more traffic, our BJG seo advantage

  1. 16 years experience in SEO industry
    We have been engaged in the SEO industry since 2007. We have 16 years of Google SEO optimization experience and can solve the SEO optimization of any large, medium and small websites.
  2. White hat SEO optimization
    White hat optimization is a legal and ethical SEO practice that complies with Google search engine regulations. Choose an SEO service provider that follows the principles of white hat optimization, rather than using black hat optimization methods to quickly improve rankings in the short term, resulting in long-term risks.
  3. Abundant resources
    We have comprehensive skills and tools to improve your SEO results, such as tools, analytics software, rank trackers, and a dedicated optimization team.
  4. Customized professional SEO plan
    We should be able to understand your business and provide you with a professional, personalized approach to achieving your SEO goals.
  5. Transparent communication
    We are in regular contact with our clients to report on their SEO performance and to hear your suggestions and opinions.
  6. Meet customer needs
    We fundamentally solve the effect that customers want to achieve. Solve the core traffic effect, ranking effect and conversion effect of the website!
  7. Data reporting and analysis
    We provide clients with regular data reports and reports of analysis results. SEO reports contain website traffic, rankings, conversion rates, and detailed data for improving SEO strategies.
  8. Synchronize Google algorithm update in real time
    We stay up-to-date from SEO updates and algorithm changes in real-time ensuring your website stays compliant and ranks better.
  9. Overseas SEO resources are abundant
    We have 8,000 high-weight external chain publishing websites and account resources to solve the problem of website Google SEO optimization external chain publishing.
BJG Google SEO Strategies and Tips

Here are some Google SEO strategies and tips that can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings:

  1. Keyword research and optimization
    When researching and optimizing for keywords, you need to find the exact keywords that are relevant to your business or website content, while making sure that the keyword density is not too high.
  2. Content optimization
    Make sure your website content is unique, valuable and includes a clear page structure, title, description and body content. According to the needs of search engine algorithms, publish high-quality news, blogs and information updates, etc., so that search engines can easily identify the credibility and authority of the website.
  3. Keyword usage
    Reasonably use relevant keywords in the title, description, and body of the website, so that search engines can accurately classify the website as a website related to content keywords.
  4. Internal links and structure
    Building a good site structure and internal linking can make it easier for Google search engines to index and rank your site. Establish internal links that comply with Google’s search engine, help search engines better index and understand the content structure of the website, and provide visitors with a better user experience. Appropriately adding internal links in the website can increase the participation of visitors and also help improve the ranking of the page.
  5. External link optimization
    Acquiring valuable external links has a great impact on Google search engine rankings. Keeping the algorithm regulated, setting external links on your website, especially on more popular websites, can increase your search engine rankings.
  6. Mobile optimization
    Ensuring your website is easy to view and access from mobile devices can optimize your website visits and rankings in mobile searches.
  7. Social Media Integration
    Using social media effectively can increase your user engagement and website traffic. Integrating social media into your website and SEO strategy is an important step.
  8. Website speed optimization
    Ensuring your website loads fast can be optimized with caching, compression, and other techniques to ensure fast access and a great user experience for your users.
  9. Map markers
    Marking your site on Google Maps not only provides users with clearer search results, but also improves your site’s competitiveness in local search rankings.
  10. Local SEO
    You can share website information and post comments on relevant forums and social networking sites to increase the popularity and influence of the website in the local area. Examples include signing up for business directories, getting links to local social media, or participating in relevant local events.
  11. Mobile device optimization
    Considering that more and more users use mobile devices to browse the website, attention should be paid to the mobile device optimization of the website so that users can access the website more conveniently.
  12. Responsive Design
    It is recommended that the website adopts a responsive design to adapt to different device browsers, resolutions and screen sizes.
  13. Website speed optimization
    Optimizing your website for speed can improve user experience and search engine ratings. You can speed up your website by compressing image files, reducing the size of JavaScript and CSS files, and using caching mechanisms.
  14. High-quality content
    Publish high-quality, original content related to keywords, through high-quality content can increase the exposure and ranking of the website in Google search engine.
  15. Server
    Choose Amazon server, Google server, etc.
  16. Global CDN Acceleration
    Choose cloudflare, 285 cities in 100 countries/regions around the world transmit data, and 500 acceleration nodes.
  17. Optimize the link of the whole site
    Adjust page link naming and internal link environment in a way that is easy for spiders to crawl, and increase collection from multiple angles
  18. The structure optimization of the whole station
    We use and AMP technology to rationally lay out tags according to website content to help search engines identify page information.
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